Thursday, May 17, 2018

Guide to Pack for a Beach Vacation

              Guide to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Headed to the beach vocation? Use these essential beach packing help lists to pack everything you'll need for a relaxed beach vacation. Beaches are the best vacation spot point. You want to spend most of the memorable vacation time on the beach but puzzle about your packing, and then here are some tips to pack for a beach vacation.

# Do your research
First and the most important thing before going to beach vacation is do your research properly on the particular area where you are visiting. Beware which season is producing strong sea waves avoid going to that particular season.

# Clothing
Pack the stylish clothes in beach vacation include single strip Tank Tops, a cool Pairs of Shorts, sexy Bathing Suits, one piece Dresses, Skirts, beautiful colored Romper, Cover Up and undergarments to your suitcase. Always pack according to days you spend on the beach. Over packing is not good.

Shoes: Don't pack fancy shoes or heels for the beach vacation. Heels are not comfortable on wet sand. Always choose flat sandals or chappals. Choose the footwear which is more comfortable in the water
Hat: Beach vacation is incomplete without the hat. Hat not only protects your face from the sun but also add extra grace to your look. So always pack the stylish hat for your vacation.
Jewelry:  always choose the pearl or floral jewelry for your beach vacation. Choose the matching jewelry to your clothes. Don’t pack too much fancy or ethnic jewelry items to your bag.

# Sunscreen
Sunscreen is the most important thing included in your packing list. Sunscreen protects your face and body from harmful sun’s ultraviolet radiations and prevents tanning. Always choose the screen more than SPF 50. Apply sunscreen 10 min earlier before moving out to the sun.

Items included in toiletries are the comb, Deodorant, coconut oil, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, Rosewater mist, face wipes, Razor, cotton balls, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. Pack these items in one makeup bag.

Always choose a waterproof bag for a beach vacation. Add Microfiber towel Pair of Sunnies
1 Selfie-stick to your bag

#Compact Beach Umbrella:
Pack a cool colored beach umbrella. Cool umbrella more fun to your vacation.
 More traveling tips

  • Roll your clothes during packing they will occupy less space.
  • Pack an EMPTY PLASTIC BAG for wet clothes.
Planning to have fun on the beach? Use this guide to Pack for a Beach Vacation to make your planning easy. For more information on beach holidays and traveling tips visit

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