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Guide to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding

  Guide to Plan the Perfect Beach Wedding

Dreaming of a beach wedding? Soft sand in between your toes, a cooling ocean breeze with sweet light music will blow your gorgeous wedding hair straight across your face, the dreaded sand flies, a certain lack of cover from sunshine. That is the dream of every girl. Choosing to get married on the beach certainly narrows down your options, but then you have to decide which beach is right for you. You may want to keep it simple and choose an area near where you live, your hometown, or a favorite childhood vacation spot. So in this blog I’m going to help you make your dream wedding successful. You can follow my perfect beach wedding.

Before planning the beach vacation permit is the most important thing as required. So before planning the wedding on the beach don’t forget to contact your local council and do all the required paperwork to gain your permit for the beach wedding. There are also certain rules concerning candles or open flames, and noise restrictions. Your wedding planner will have all of this arranged for you to save you the hassle and answer any questions that come to mind.

Invitation cards are the most important part of the wedding. Remember few simple things to add to your card-
  • Include a map with the location of the beach and any landmarks.
  • Add the phone number of your wedding planner or person in charge of guest management on the day. So that people can contact you for the queries.
  • It’s also a good idea to assign extra ushers if the car park is some distance from the wedding.

Choose your wedding dress
For the beach wedding always choose the lightweight wedding dress. Don't choose the floor length gown because sand will spoil your whole dress and you will become a fashion blunder. So with the ankle-length gowns always remember to book your dress 2 or 3 months earlier because sometimes your designer will not give your dress on time.
For the perfect beach wedding choose the decoration according to the beach location. Taking into account the wind, water, and blowing sand, here are some décor elements that work well on the beach:

  • Choose the fresh white oak flowers for the decorations. The fragrance of fresh flowers will mix to the breeze of oceans and leaves the freshness of love everywhere.
  • It’s hard to beat the clean look of white wooden folding chairs for a beach wedding. Because they’re easy to transport and not too precious, they tend to work much better than some of their more formal counterparts.

  • For evening ceremony, candles lining the pathway and along the aisle can look beautiful. Place them in long hurricane glasses, beautiful mason jars, or lanterns to keep them from blowing out in the wind.

  • Use some fun ideas like Scatter palm leaves along the way, stick shells or starfish or clones of aquatic animals into the sand on either side, or you can also use a long sea grass mat to mark its boundaries.
Beach vacations are popular! Before heading out to the sand read latest beach vacation tips on and have a perfect beach wedding.

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