Thursday, May 17, 2018

Most Exotic Beaches in The World

 Most Exotic Beaches in The World

With so many terrific beaches in the world, it is hard to pick the most exotic beach in the world. The following list is a compilation of the best beaches based on travel awards and experts in travel. I’m sure these beaches are liked by your family because these are, most underdeveloped and budget-friendly, are the best beaches for vacationing any time of the year.

Honopu Beach – Kauai, Hawaii
Honopu beach is situated in Kauai’s Na Pali Coast, Hawaii. There is no landing of any aircraft, boat, kayak or even surfboard is allowed at Honopu Beach. The only way to access it is to swim here either from neighboring Kalalau Beach or from an offshore boat. This beach consists of two beaches. Around the corner of this beach, there is a large waterfall which makes this beach so exotic. For holidays vacation this is the perfect place to visit.

Fort James Beach, Fort Bay, Antigua
This beach is situated at the northwest coast of Antigua. This beach is also a popular spot for cruise ship visitors and for the local bars near this beach is famous for the casino.  If you are interested in the casino you can try your luck there. The southern end has a few smaller restaurants and bars which are open all year including the fabulous "Beachler" where there are sun loungers, umbrellas etc.

Anse Source d’Argent – La Digue, Seychelles
This beach is almost too beautiful to be true. This is the most popular beach in Seychelles. The beautiful mix of turquoise water, golden sand, and impressive boulders makes it a unique prospect worldwide.
The shallow, clear water, as well as the coral reef protection, is perfect for the family beach vacation. The shallow water of this beach is perfect for swimming.

Giant’s Causeway Beach – Ireland
In 2007 Giant’s Causeway beach receive the award of ’Best Tour Visit' by CIE Tours International. This beach is famous for it rocks which are placed at the edge of the sea.

Benagil Sea Cave Beach – Algarve, Portugal
This beach is situated at Algarve in Portugal. This beach is famous for its magical sea caves. These caves are located just around the corner from a beach in the tiny town of Benagil. To visit these caves you can rent a boat explore the caves and isolated beaches in the area. These caves attract most of the tourist every year.

 Rialto Beach – Washington, USA
This beach is located at the Washington, USA. Olympic National park is located near the beach. So park your car when you get there, set up camp on the beach, or hike the surrounding region of the Olympic National Park. For the sports lover, this location is best.

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