Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tips to Enjoy a Beach Vacation While You're Pregnant

 Tips to Enjoy a Beach Vacation While You're Pregnant

Pregnancy time is the happiest time for women. Going for the vacation on pregnancy time add more fun to your life. Vacations help to relieve some of the pregnancy complications. There are different vacations that you may consider and one of the best is a beach vacation. The calmness, freshness and beautiful scenery associated with beaches are good not only for your mind and body but to the growing fetus as well.

However, going on a beach vacation when pregnant requires proper planning. There are a few things you don’t think to pack when you’re pregnant that makes hanging out at the beach all day so much more comfortable, so. The following few tips should help you to plan a memorable and enjoyable beach vacation when pregnant.

1. Show off your bump
Don’t feel shame to show off your bump during pregnancy. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise: Your body is beautiful, no matter its shape or size. Put on your bikini, take off your loser cover-up, and show off your beautiful self. So pack a pair of bikinis along with you at the time of beach vacations.

2. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is must in every sunny vacation. Carry a good sunscreen with SPF 50 or more for the beach vacation to prevent your skin from tanning and many more harmful diseases like cancer.  But before you buy, check the ingredients list (and check with your doc). Sunscreens containing the chemical oxybenzone have been linked to having low-birth-weight babies.

3. Take breaks to rest
After spending a couple of hours in sun take some rest somewhere in shady or air-conditioned. Take a quick snack during break time. Limiting your beach time can also limit your sun exposure. Not only is that healthier for your skin, but it may also reduce the risk of discoloration.

4. Stay hydrated
Staying under sun leads to dehydration. Dehydration can have some serious side effects that include low amniotic fluid, premature labor, or reduced breast milk production. Take a plenty of water in few hours and stay hydrated.

5.  Eat early
Bring fresh food along with you. Don’t depend upon the readymade food. Sea is good for you. Bake fishes for you. So don’t skip the dinner and lunch. Enjoy your beach vacation with healthy food. You can also join Grandma and Grandpa for a super-early-bird dinner during your beach vacation. Eat earlier, and then get your sleep time in.

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