Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tips to Enjoy a Rainy Beach Vacation

 Tips to Enjoy a Rainy Beach Vacation
Rainy days are perfect days to cuddle and enjoy the beach vacation. Rainy Beach vacation is always full of enjoyment and full of memories. There are so many exotic locations such as the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, and Australia to enjoy beaches. Enjoying the rain, playing with the water and sand is such a great fun. So if you are planning for outing than plan a beach vacation on a rainy day and enjoy the vacation with the following tips.
Take a spa at rainy beach vacation to pamper your body. There are several beach spas on beaches like deep-tissue massages, aromatherapy treatments, coffee scrubs, and pedicures. If the rain isn't too loud and the wind is minimal, use it to your advantage as pleasant background noise and book a treatment in a covered outdoor area with sea views.
Fun games:
You can enjoy the beach vacation by playing fun games like Mini-Golf, football, diving, volleyball, racing, etc. you can also play with the paper boats. Enjoy many more games snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding, boogie boarding, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking

 Embrace the rain
Embrace the rain. Enjoy the overhead shedding of raindrops from the trees. If there are hiking trails in the area that are doable in light rain, go there. Instead of pool enjoy the soaking in a hot tub. Remember that singing and dancing in the rain are surefire ways to keep smiling in less-than-perfect weather. Plus, you may be rewarded with an epic rainbow.
Enjoy the rainy season food. You can cook your own food like spicy fritters, or tasty seafood. But if you don’t want to cook your own good then find a spot to enjoy a long leisurely multi-course lunch. Increasingly, hotels and resorts are luring celebrity chefs and top-notch restaurateurs inside (like Marcus Samuelsson, at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club). You might even find a long table where it’s easy to make fast friends with locals or fellow travelers.
Read a Book
Having a cup of coffee along with the best book will enhance the enjoyment of the rainy season. So, sat on our balcony lost in your books and enjoy the soothing sounds of splashing waves and sprinkling rain. If you need out of your room, most hotels, B&Bs, etc. have public spaces to curl up in.

Limbo at the Beach

Dance in the rain is very exciting thing ever happens in my life. Enjoy the limbo dance on the beach. The limbo dance originated in Trinidad. So enjoy the rain dance on the beach. If you can play music without disturbing other vacationers, pick a selection of fun beach tunes.

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