Thursday, May 17, 2018

Top Travel Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation Exceptionally Memorable

Top Travel Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation Exceptionally Memorable

Summer has arrived and people around the globe are packing their bags planning to visit beautiful beaches with their friends and families. Beach vocation is always full of enjoyment and full of memories. There are so many exotic locations such as the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, and Australia to enjoy beaches. Enjoying the sun, playing with the water and sand is such a great fun. So if you are planning for such lovely vacation follows travel tips to make your beach vacation stress-free and memorable.

1.  Sunscreen is a must
While going to the beach vacation sunscreen is the most. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiations. But how do you know about the sunscreen of your skin type? From my own personal experience, I suggest you use spf 50 sunscreen with the silicon base. Many sunscreens come in the sticky base but silicon base sunscreen is very good, they leave the skin soft and supple.

2.  Pack Light Things
Some people feel guilty of over packing. When you are packing for a beach vacation always keep in mind the destination where you are visiting. Always pack according to the theme of the place. There are many packing hacks available online. So when you are going on beach vacation always understood that you’ll spend most of the time on the beach. So pack light cotton clothes like shorts, tank tops, maxis, etc. Never pack high heels or fancy outfits because they will be ruined in the sand. So think smart while packing.

3. Pack Extra Underwear

On beach vocation, always pack extra underwear and swimsuits. These garments are small in size and do not carry extra space. These garments are very beneficial in the case of an emergency.

4. Pre-plan Your Outfits
Research place, where you will be visiting and pack according to place. Some people pack on the last moment but at that time they forget most of the essential or useful stuff and leads to heavy luggage. So don’t be a last minute packer!. Always pack the items 3 or 4 days earlier.

5. Carry a large waterproof handbag

Always carry the large waterproof handbag with essential items like Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Face Mist, Moisturizer, Photocopies of important documents. This bag is going to be very beneficial for you.

6.  Wear flip-flops
It's better to wear flip-flops or crocs on the beach so that the sand and water doesn’t stay in your shoes and spoil your enjoyment. Choose the footwear accordingly.

7.  Bring a Sarong
Always bring the sarong, it looks very cool and attractive to you.

Do share us your idea of planning a perfect beach vocation and share your travel tips. Do tell us when did you visit on a beach or you are planning to travel beach. For more beach vacations visit

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