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What clothes to pack for a beach vacation?

         What clothes to pack for a beach vacation?
Packing clothes for a beach vacation can sometime gives us headache, if we are visiting any beach for a very first time. But clothes are very important. Beach vacations are the happiest time of our life. But packing the clothes for the beach vacation is always confusing. Always bring clothes that make you comfortable. So if you want to clear your confusion about this then follow the following tips-

Layer on the bulkiest pieces
Bulkiest pieces are a low-key destination dress. Keep your look fastened by 3/4 top and tuck one of your swimsuits beneath. Finish your look with the largest pieces of carryall like the jacket and with a classy pair of chunks.

Bring styles that can do double duty
Light cotton scarf piece provides many more option like try it with long vest, layering with a pair of shorts, or toss it on as a last-minute coverup. This looks very cool and attractive to you during your vacation time.

The Sun Salutation Suit
 Beach vacation without swimsuit is incomplete to make a splash with your beach look. Pack a stylish cool and attractive swimsuit with you.

Rethink your beach essentials.
Look for a light cotton blanket to bum around on. Always choose cotton fabric because it attracts less sand and dries quickly. This is very handy to your beach bag.

Doll style.
Pack cool style outfits like minis, skirts because these dresses give you so beach look. Choose soft and light cotton colors. Style your dress with the cool scarf and pair of floaters.

Choose your nightwear according to your comfort. Pack cotton jumpsuit in your luggage.

Keep footwear to a minimum.
Always bring the minimum footwear with you. Choose flat footwear because it will provide you more comfort on sand. Never go with heels or fancy footwear.

Choose mix match patterns in clothes. Go with different digital prints. Always style box print pattern with horizontal stripes top.

Pack 2-3 tank tops with a cool pair of shorts. Tank tops look very cool on a beach vacation. Tank tops are very comfortable. Always choose neutral color tank top. These colors match with every pair of shorts or skirts.

Accessorize on the lightweight side.
Choose lightweight studs and the simple necklace for your vacation. Heavy jewelry will not provide you comfort and always use pastel color in jewelry. The natural floral jewelry looks very cool on beach vacations, so go with that. Choose rose and jasmine flower in jewelry. You can also go with pearls.

Pack cool cotton scarves with you. Scarves look very cool and attractive when you are on beach. Choose pastel color scarves.

So you're planning a beach vacation next year and aren't sure about the clothes to pack on beach vacation? Then follow above tips. For more information on beach vacation hacks and guide visit

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